Police: Don’t purchase gun-formed cellular phone case


Police: Don’t purchase gun-formed cellular phone case

Law enforcement businesses nationwide are urging mother and father to not let their youngsters purchase gun-formed cellular phone instances. Officials say the sensible look may cause confusion.

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  • Nite Explorer

    lolololol with the low IQ of today's cops i would worry

  • Trailer Park Life

    Not good.

  • Kayla Shuch

    Great, another stupid cell phone related trend going around my home state. Are these people stupid? It's a horrible idea to have a phone case shaped like a gun because you could get caught for no reason other than the misconception of having a gun equipped to you when it's really a phone.

  • Edward Gorham

    I can't imagine the poor police officer you shoots some child because of this phone case. to have to live with that. We as a society need to stand behind the police and support them. And the police need to remember they are here to protect and serve

  • Alber

    Yeah, probably not a good idea.

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