How To Put On A Screen Protector Without Bubbles


How To Put On A Screen Protector Without Bubbles

In this video, I present you the right way to placed on a display protector (or cowl) with none bubbles. This technique is in your typical dry apply display protectors. Things you will have to place your display protector with out making any bubbles or different imperfections is a microfiber material, a squeegee (a plastic card will do), and a mud free setting to place it on in.

This technique works no matter whether or not you are placing the display cowl in your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. I use the Samsung Galaxy S3 for instance on this video.

You need to ensure that the display cowl aligns completely with the display (together with all sensors and entrance dealing with cameras), put it down on one edge and work your means up and do it shortly so mud does not have an opportunity of getting beneath.

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  • Frakenfish1

    You really didn't tell how to use the tabs on the screen protector

  • AFunnyWaffle

    Oh my god
    It's beautiful

  • Anais Bazenet-Moeng

    Didn't work for me, got so frustrated that i crumpled the screen protecter into a a ball…

  • George rapp

    you talk alot my friend.actually you talk so fucking a lot.

  • Lord Windstar

    I just bought a 3 pack of screen protectors and ruined all of them.

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