How I Make My Cell Phone Case 


 How I Make My Cell Phone Case 

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I adhere the massive items with nail glue and the pearls/rhinestones with NSI glaze ‘n go. The nail glue appeared to soften the case so I switched to the uv topcoat.

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  • Gabby N

    So cute! I just wish you gave a little more detail on the materials you used.

  • Sarinaxproductions

    do youstill have that phone??my sisters complain that their phone is from 2010 they have the same one as you

  • Mfamily Vlogs

    Me gustaria sabersi fue en ebay que compro todas las descoraciones? Gracias y esta super hermoso!!

  • Dazzle Glam Nails

    Yay, thanks Rachel!

  • Rachels Crafts

    You just got a new subbie!!!!!

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