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We know what works, and if you let us know what you need them for, we can tell you what will work for you, giving you options based on budget, use and custom option preferences.Shipping direct from our manufacturing facilities in China allows us to cost effectively ship to just about every corner of the globe, easily and quickly. It also allows for us to be able to offer you the most competitive pricing for cases, so you end up with amazing custom cases at fantastic prices and with short lead times. We are experts in what we do and love talking about what we can make for you to make your brand stand out as much as possible, or generate the biggest band for your dollar.Whatever it is, if it’s cases  you’re looking for then look no further than SINCOCASE. We go above and beyond to help you with all your case and cover needs. Browse our range or go straight to our custom brief and send us a request. We’ll do some work and give you options based on your requirements.

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