custom phone case manufacturing process

custom phone case manufacturing process

Nowadays, the smart mobile phone is quite hot and meanwhile the wholesale phone case in China gets more and more hot. There are thousands of design on the market, how to make it, you will get the full process from here.

1: Making a mold for the case. Normally the mold will be different according to the different style and different model. Sometimes if you are following some latest models, a China phone case factory with its own mold department and resource in getting the data of latest models will help you gain a lot when a new phone model comes into a market.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Making mold in Shenzhen factory China

Of course you can ask China phone case supplier to make a mold belong to you only , the cost is around 3000-5000 dollars based on different design . It will take 20-23 days to make a mold.

A good mold means a lot for a product, a good mold should have perfect performance even in details, if there is any wrong will affect the outlook and function of the case.

In the wholesale phone cases markets in China, a lot of mobile phone cases in malposition, can’t fit the phone 100%, there are sharp edges etc due to the mold making bad.

2: After the mold is finished, then will use this mold for producing. Put the mold into the injection molding machine to produce. The first model of the cell phone cover is finished. This kind of machine can produce 5000-20000 pcs each day according to different material and models.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Finished mold in China phone case factory

The material normally is: Silicone, plastic, leather, now more hot models are mixed the material, such as the hybrid with stand is very hot in USA market, the mech combo with silicone is hot in south America market among wholesale phone accessories in China.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Silicone phone cases from China

3: The product is still in an initial state in China phone accessories factory, the following works will be:

Torn edges—oil injection( UV, NOT UV)—decoration craft

The color of phone case comes from 2 ways:

One is when producing, the material is colorful;

Another is producing a white one, use different oil to paint it in different colors.

UV: UV looks more shine, glaring.

custom phone case manufacturing process
China wholesale phone case with UV injection
custom phone case manufacturing process
China wholesale phone covers without UV injection

4: Other technology:

To make the China wholesale phone cases more beautiful, you can print more patterns on the cover, normally is:

1) Water print: it prints the pattern in a paper then pastes it on the cover under water, then called water-print. You can choose UV or NOT UV after pasted the pattern. The shortcomings is it is normal to have color difference when printing and hard to control.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Water printing mobile phone cases from China

2) Screen print

It is used for printing a logo or small words more.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Wholesale screen printing phone covers in China

3) IMD: In-Mold Decoration, including IML, IMF, IMR, IML, another way to print the pattern when producing mobile phone covers by machine. The pattern will come out with the mold. It can only with pattern on the back of the cover.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Colorful IMD phone cases from China phone covers supplier

4) Laser carve: normally it used for carving the logo, makes the logo more beautiful. Now can be used for print pattern, you can feel the pattern when touch it.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Laser carve mobile phone cases at low price from China manufactuer

5: Package

For package, you can design according to your need with your logo, company etc. The MOQ for plastic bag is about 10000-20000 pcs, for paper box is about 2000-5000 pcs. The cost for plastic bag is very cheap. Normally 0.2 cents per pc.  Paper bos is USD 0.2-0.3/pc.

custom phone case manufacturing process
Paper box bag for wholesale phone cases
custom phone case manufacturing process
Plastic packing bag for China cell phone covers

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