How to Clear Your iPhone Keyboard Dictionary

How to Clear Your iPhone Keyboard Dictionary

How to Clear Your iPhone Keyboard Dictionary

If you’ve got been typing in your iPhone for a very long time, odds are that you’ve got made some errors in your typing, and the iPhone spell checking software program has corrected them. Or, in my case — notably as a result of I work within the pc business — the iPhone has “corrected” lots of my acronymns the flawed approach.

As a easy instance, I like to make use of the acronym “DD” to confer with my devdaily web site, but when I’m typing quick and never paying consideration, the iPhone software program retains “correcting” that to “DE”. Well, “DE” is not proper, however the iPhone has corrected this so many occasions when I wasn’t wanting that it retains defaulting to that conduct.

Since there are numerous comparable acronym issues like this, I lastly questioned, is there some solution to reset my iPhone typing dictionary?

After digging round for the reply, I lastly discovered it. On your iPhone — and presumably your iPad as nicely — you possibly can reset your spelling dictionary by following these steps:

  • From the primary display, faucet Settings
  • Then faucet General
  • Scroll to the underside of the record and faucet Reset
  • Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary

When you do that the iPhone brings up a window that claims

“This will delete all customized phrases you have got typed on the keyboard, returning the keyboard to manufacturing unit defaults.”

If you are positive that is what you need, go forward and proceed with the method, however in the event you’re not, simply faucet the Cancel button.

In my case I simply did this just lately, and I’m engaged on rebuilding my dictionary, slightly extra rigorously this time.

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