Why Choose us?

You do not have to sacrifice protection to showcase your branding on your smartphone or tablet. SincoCase uses cutting edge Digital In-Mold Decoration (D-IMD) technology to incorporate custom designs, branding and imagery to cases during the manufacturing process.


Make Private Labelling Permanent.

D-IMD produces the highest quality print on polycarbonate, and SincoCase smartphone and tablet cases. When design is printed onto polycarbonate through D-IMD, the design becomes a permanent part of the case and does not scratch off. D-IMD is highly efficient with short lead times, low minimum order quantities and costs.

Benefits Of Custom Cases

Unique and creative way to advertise your brand and gain impressions while using your mobile devices. Easily identify your mobile devices by your branding on the protective cases. Inspire and motivate your team, by reinforcing your brand identity on the cases protecting mobile phones and tablets. Showcase your support of an organization or cause while on the go.

We Produce Steady Goods
You Resell Doublely Better